Gender swap with Virtual Reality

As it was mentioned many times on this platform, there is far more to virtual reality than simply gaming. It is used for a number of project by various science-related circles, as well as in art, architecture or travelling industry.

In view of the growing interest in who we really are, The Machine to be Another experiment, attracted the interest of numerous performers, wanting to show us what it truly feels to be in another person’s body. To achieve this, they reached to the cutting edge virtual reality technology and Oculus Rift.



One of the projects, that proved to be especially popular and received media coverage was Body Swap, in which two participants: a woman and a man, wear the head-mounted display with a small video camera attached to it. Everything the camera registers is then sent to the set worn by the other person, so each participant is looking at the other person’s body, but from their own point of view.  To make the experience more realistic, they each perform the same set of movements. The partners can also touch one another or look into the mirror to see the reflection of the other person. The idea behind the experiment, is to encourage reflection about ourselves our self-image, genders and their perception by society, the issues of otherness, empathy, intimacy but also respect towards other people.


In August, the experience was available for people in London and Berlin to try out. Volunteers were able to find out what it was to see through the eyes of another. Go to the BeAnotherLab website, to learn more about the project.

vr gender swap

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