PlayStation VR Aim Controller to launch in May

Steam VR tracking system already offers a wide array of additional accessories to provide its fans and users with the sense of immersion when playing games. From now on, you can add PSVR Aim controller to the list. This gaming rifle can really enhance your VR experiences and make shooting scenes more captivating and real-life like.


It has been designed for 1:1 movement, which means that the virtual gun will imitate everything you do with the one you’re actually holding during the game. It comes with all four different buttons, triggers, analog sticks and a directional pad. First presented during last year’s E3 Fair, the thing has been designed in such a way, to give you the feel of a real gun. The creators behind the Aim Controller declare the device can accurately represent the player’s movements and enable precise targeting of the virtual enemies. Left-handed players will be delighted to know, that the VR gun is totallly ambidextrous.

As of now, the only first-person shooter to receive the support for PlayStation VR Aim Controller, is Farpoint. It has been created exclusively for Playstation VR by Impulse Gear studio. The game tells the story of a scientist travelling to other dimensions to explore the Jupiter anomalies, who now wishes to return to his own reality. On his way back, he will have to travel through various lands and withstand the attacks of hostile natives.


The PSVR Aim Controller will be available for pre-orders following mid May and will be sold together with the above-mentioned game. It is expected to cost about $80 – the priced was suggested by the American Gamestop store, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony. If the device proves to be a successs, it is fair to expect more game controllers of this sort, dedicated to all sorts of games.

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