See the Plight of War Children Through VR Goggles

A few days ago, The New York Times published an app with a new documentary by Chris Milk, entitled The Displaced. The film makes it able for the viewer to truly see what it is like to be a refugee child thanks to the use of virtual reality. The documentary will make you realize the tragic situation they found themselves in, through no fault of their own.

It describes the plight of children from various war-stricken places scattered all over the globe: the Ukraine, Syria or South Sudan. The appalling conditions these children have to live in, the fact that many of them don’t go to school, don’t receive adequate medical care, don’t even dare to have their dreams, plans or hopes rarely make the headlines. These are the kind of facts that are difficult to confront or deal with.

Virtual reality makes it possible to make a larger impact on general public, than an ordinary TV documentary, where the viewers, even if saddened by the news, often get the feeling that this is something happening in some far-away corner of the world, and doesn’t concern them. But the first-person perspective, achieved by VR, changes it all. The new technology can truly make a difference in how the media portray the latest happenings and, hopefully, our reaction to it. Especially, if you see them through your own eyes, hear the bombs exploding, people screaming and crying in terror, see the tears and truly feel their emotions. Such level of intimacy was never possible to achieve before – perhaps thanks to the personal contact, VR has a chance to become a pervasive tool and help really make a difference. The Displaced can be obtained from the App Store, Google Play or VRSE app.

Demo Documentary Experience

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